Uses of Sandblasters

Sandblasters are powerful tools that can quickly eliminate unwanted surface impurities in just a blast of a pressurized air. Investing on such compressed air tool is really a good move when you are into automotive, industrial, construction, manufacturing, commercial industries, not to mention if you are into DIY stuffs. There are wide variety of applications where sandblasters are the primary heroes to save the day.


Paint Removals – Best used in automotive industry, sandblasters can be used to remove old paint to restore surfaces or when changing auto paint. It is also applicable in stripping off wall paints and other large areas without damaging the surfaces. It even smooths out coarse sections for finishing.

Surface Cleaning –  Sandblasters have been notorious in cleaning concrete, wood, tiles and other surfaces. It effectively strips off years of grime, dirt and stain that look impossible to remove. No more need to use harsh chemicals and render full effort to scrub all the dirt. With just a blast of abrasive, you can have clean areas instantly!

Rust Removal – Old and rusty fixtures, auto parts, kitchen utensils and other metal components? You do not have to get expensive rust removers and spent precious time to let it sit before removing every millimeter of rust. With a portable sandblaster, you can freely scrape rust off parts with just a blast.

Arts and Crafts – Interestingly, sandblasters are not only famous in surface treatments. If you are into arts, you can get creative with sandblasting. You can use sandblasters to do glass etching, wood carvings, and markings. With all the many applications of sandblasting, it is no doubt one of the most versatile air tools you can rely on. Keeping it handy within your workshop or professional work area will save you huge amounts of energy and expenses.