Compressed Air Filters : What Are They?

Working with compressed air systems requires accurate and proper air preparations that would create quality results for your workshop operations. Most of the time, expertise on how to work on compressed air matters but it is pointless if the compressed air system materials, tools and machines used lack the performance and quality to accomplish your work. Like air filters, which has a major role in every blasting, cutting and spray painting work.

What Are Compressed Air Filters?

So, what are air filters? Most professionals say that these units are undeniably one of the most important compressed air accessories you would need. Without compressed air filters, any workshop tasks that requires pressurized air will not be reliable and will result to blocked air tools, moreover, premature air tools life that pushes you to buy replacements. Compressed air filters, also known as inline air filters are filters that come in small casings that are attached before the air tool. It either traps water, oil, and dirt that comes from condensate air from the compressor. The main purpose of inline filters is to purify the air that you use by removing the smallest size of particle using micro filters encased inside the air filter unit. Some compressed air filters are for one time use only while some units have replaceable filters.

Simply put, compressed air filters are like filters to your coffee. If you know good coffee and coffee is your life, the key is the filter that helps you brew that perfect coffee without any unwanted particles and coffee residue. Similar to compressed air systems and pneumatics, inline filters protects your air tools from damages and lengthens the life span.