Elements of a Compressed Air Filter

Inline air filters are proven effective in securing air tools and the quality of work may it be in general industrial applications, automotive, manufacturing, construction, DIY or personal use in arts and crafts. But what consists an air filter is both essential as understanding how it functions. Let’s take a closer look!

A compressed air filter is made out of the following components:

Filter Element

The filter element is the heart of every compressed air filter. All inline filters contains the filter element that serves as water, oil and dirt trap for a pure and filtered air.

Bowl Drain

To collect all filtered particles and moisture, inline filters have built-in drain bowls to contain all the dirt and grime and prevents it to traverse back to the airline.

Drain Valve

The accumulated dirt from the filter has to go somewhere and should be disposed off properly and easily. Advanced inline filters has drain valves that open and flushes out by just a push of a button.

Air Inlets

Compressed air filters has air inlets and most have standard ¼” male and female inlet for compatibility.

If you want to find the best compressed air filter for you, a basic understanding on its component mentioned above will help you decide which one suits best for your air tools and equipment. You just need to find durable inline filters with the standard configurations above to give you the convenience of using it together with other brands.