Types of Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters

Getting around picking the right filter for your activity can be very hard when you need to consider the type of work you want to achieve and the air tools to use versus that cost you need to consider when you go and buy the inline filter. Before jumping into conclusions, you may find it useful to have a handful of knowledge about compressed air filters and its types. 

In pneumatics, there are different kinds of filters that offer different purposes. Here are some of the filters and their use:

Coalescing Filters – These are filters that remove water and moisture from the air. It has two kinds: a.) Oil and Water Coalescing Filter which removed water and oil aerosols ofup to 0.01 µm in size, and b.) Cold Coalescing Filter that can operate at 35 °F (2 °C) and serves effective in removing moisture at this temperature.

Particulate Filters – Dust and particle removal using particulate compressed air filters free up the output air from debris and other particles.

Compressed Intake Filters – Generally used as a primary air filter that helps trap contaminants of up to  0.3 µm in size.

compressed air filters

Modern applications of compressed air filters in spray painting and coating uses inline filters that can filter more than one element in a single unit. Inline filters from some of the best brands in the market are developed to filter water, oil and dirt all at the same time in a single filter accessory. 

Air Compressor Filter Water Separator
Prolong your air tools’ life with the help of this quality Lematec air dryer filter. This air line filter can prevent oil, water and debris to pass through your air tools that may damage the tool itself and the end result of your compressed air activity.

This type of filter is an ideal solution if you want to save space and want to reduce your overall cost.