Why Air Compressor Filters Are Necessary

Have you tried drinking tap water right out of your kitchen tap? If you take a moment and try to check the water, you may see a few particles floating around. You don’t want to get this to your body as it may harm you without knowing. This is pretty similar logic when it comes to compressed air system. Compressed air is used in many practical applications in different industries. Standards in compressed air require pure air that is free from contaminants that can infer with the operation.

Why The Need for Air Compressor Filters? Let’s dive into the truth on why compressed air filters are necessary. Below are some of scenarios that are pretty ugly without the use of air water oil filters when working around with compressed air.

Blocked Air Tools

The problem with compressed air is that the condensed air from the compressor carries amounts of particles, moisture and oil. It does not matter which part of your compressed air configuration this happens but it is strictly desired that only pure air traverses that air line for efficient use and operation. Dirty air can block air tools and damage them in the long run.  It can cause pressure build up which can blow up the air line and tools and bring harm to the user. Hence, inline filters are required.

Uneven Air Flow

If we talk about compressed air, air pressure becomes a topic. Air regulators are used to control the flow of air but this is affected by the quality of flowing air. If the compressed air carries contaminants that can block the air line, it will result to uneven air flow. In most applications, steady flow of air is required.

Damaged Air Accessories and Tools

Air tools can go berserk when it is faulty. As an action, you will have to replace it sooner or later. With compressed air filters, your air tools and other accessories are protected and life extended.