How to Remove Calluses The Right Way

If you have one of those ugly calluses on your feet, the first thing that will get into your mind is to remove them right there and then, on the spot when discovered there presence. This is a big “No”. There is a safe way to do it and the right time to work on it.


Removing calluses should never be rushed. You can hurt yourself when done in a hurry. Here are some tips on how to do it so you will see good results after.

1. Choose the right callus remover.
There are certain callus removers you can try that will seem good for your feet. You can use a pumice stone, foot file or scrub. You can use any of them but make sure to scrape off the callus from your feet in a gentle manner to avoid scratching your skin from too much pressure while scrubbing.

2. Do it in the shower.
Callus are hard and thick skin and skin becomes soft when it is wet. You can remove callus easily right after you shower as your skin gets softer and dead hard skin can be easily peeled.

3. Soak your feet.
If you have very little shower time and can only do foot care during your free time, the best trick to soften those hard calluses before removing them is to soak your feet in warm water. You can add Epsom salt, oil or tea to help soften it a bit more.

4. File gently.
With your preffered callus remover or foot file, gently file the callus away. Do not apply too much pressure as it may expose your flesh before knowing it. If you see ample amount of callus is shaved off, you can stop and do another session some other time. This is to make sure you don’t hurt your skin.

5. Dry and moisturize your feet.
After filing, dry your feet and apply oil or lotion to keep the cleaned area soft. Moisturizing your skin will also prevent dry skin.