Reasons Why You Need To Remove Calluses

Calluses are dry skin caused by friction from walking or wearing foot wears. It normally occurs on heels, balls and toes on feet that frequently rubs on shoes and other types of foot wear. These dry skin becomes thick over time and hard at the same time.

Here are some top reasons why you need to remove calluses:

1. Stay Healthy.
What you don’t know might harm you. At first, you may think that calluses are just dried skin that you can leave behind and do not pay any attention to. Little do you know, these calluses may impose a bigger problem if left untreated. Calluses that are not taken off eventually causes the skin to break resulting to cracked skin. Once the skin opens, it becomes the entry way for dirt and bacteria which leads to infections.

2. Stay Beautiful.
Ugly feet that are full of calluses can be very unpleasant to see. It can defer your confidence and might affect your self-esteem. Shaving calluses using a reliable foot file brings back the softness on your feet, keeping it clean and free of any possible infections.

3. Stay Comfortable.
As a human being, it is important that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Callused feet can be irritating when it touches any piece of cloth as it can get caught and may damage the fabric. A callus-free feet feels more so relaxed, adding up to your confidence and feel of just being clean.

Above are just a few reasons to consider when you have callus build up. To effectively deal with calluses, use a foot file that provides a fine filing to avoid scratches and cut on your skin. Shaves used for hair removal that contains blades are not recommended. You can opt for foot file with micro plane. For serious callus problem with cracks, it is best to consult with your nearest podiatric.