The Ideal Foot File for your Foot Type

A foot comes in different sizes and shape. But when it comes to calluses, all feet suffers alike. Calluses need ample attention right even when the first sight of dry skin develops. If you want to get your skin soft and healthy, you might need to consider all ways to keep your feet in perfect condition and that includes foot filing.

Removing feet calluses shouldn’t hard but only needs effective strategies that would remove dead skin without harming yourself. Below are some of the recommended foot files you can find in the market:

Wooden Files
One of the common and traditional foot files, wooden files has a sandpaper attached with a wooden handle. It offers a sturdy grip and can remove a big area of dead skin at once. You just need to wash it thoroughly hang it to completely dry.

Metal Files
Also regarded as rasps, metal foot files have plastic handles but have metal tiny blades. Overall, it looks like a cheese grater but it has smaller blades so it is not advisable to mistakenly use cheese grater on callused like others do because it can remove a big chunk of dead skin all at once and can leave an open wound.

Plastic Files
Much like wooden files, plastic files has a filing material like grit attached at the other end of the handle. The grit needs replacement often since it wears easily after several times of usage. Hence, you have to buy new plastic files now and then.

Electronic Files
Mostly available today, electronic foot files are easier to use. Some are battery-operated and others plugged into a power source. Apart from convenience of use, you may need a foot file any time you need it. If batteries are no longer available and electricity is out, you may want to wish you want a manual foot file.

Compared to other foot files, metal files are guaranteed more effective for both sensitive skin in women and thick skin in men. But like many other foot files, you can choose whichever product you like regardless what foot type you have as long as moderate and gentle use practiced.