Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Powder

Bamboo Charcoal Powder when activated provides many benefits to human lives. Below are among the proven advantages of using activated bamboo charcoal powder for health and food.

  1. Teeth Whitening

Are you experiencing low self-esteem because of your yellow teeth? Whether you are born with yellow teeth or just acquired it from poor hygiene, it sure has an impact to how you deal with the society and how they treat you. White teeth are still so much in the game. To achieve all-white teeth, activated bamboo charcoal powder can take millions of bacteria and plaque buildup including teeth stains, leaving them clean , fresh and white.

  1. Filtering Water

If you are looking for a better and natural alternative of removing water impurities, then activated bamboo charcoal powder is your thing. Just add activated bamboo charcoal powder to a filtration system and be confident that you and the rest of the  folks in town have safe and pure water to drink and use.

  1. Toxin and Poison Removal

Witnessed how poison control team rescues someone who just ingested a toxic and highly-poisonous substance? If you have an activated bamboo charcoal powder handy at home, you can save lives. Include this is in your first aid kit and learn the ropes on how to use this for food or toxin poisoning and you will be safe and sound.

  1. Skincare Treatment

Among the famous uses of activated bamboo charcoal powder is found in the form of creams and paste. Yes, they are pretty much available now in your wellness store and pharmacies. Activated bamboo charcoal powder is a top ingredient in facial creams to fight acne and uneven skin tones. It is also effective in the alleviation of skin rash, allergies and itch.