Industries That Use Oil Water Separators

Oil Water Separators or known as OWS are small units that are installed within the compressed air system to separate oil and water mixtures from the air. This method is very in demand in various industries that produces high oil and water waste materials and pneumatics.

Below are the top industries that rely on oil water separators for safe and quality performance:


Boarding ships uses high volumes of oil for lubrication and water to operate. It is extremely hazardous to the marine life as oil and other elements are discharged in the oceans. Oil water separators are used to separate oil from water and both are collected separately for proper disposal. The environment greatly benefits from these filter units.

Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories

Pharma companies and manufacturers should maintain quality medicine and health instruments, thus precise and clean compressed air is required. Laboratories in the medical and manufacturing industries also uses oil water separators to properly segregate oil residue from water to prevent contamination and to ensure that the pneumatic system is working properly.

Automotive and Industrial

Oil water separators are mostly used in the auto care and industrial operations that require metal cutting, planning, spray painting and other applications where compressed air system is used. It is always recommended that air filters, dryers and oil and water separators are used to make sure that you achieve desirable output.