Oil Water Filter Separator – How It Works

Pneumatic has evolved in small or big industries and so do all its components including compressed air accessories such as air regulators and oil water filter separators. Why oil water filter separators are always a big deal? Aside from the fact that compressed air filters are used to purify the air and getting it free from any contaminants, it is also an effective oil water filter too. Here is how it works and what this small piece does for your compressed air system:

As An Oil Separator

Condensate forms when compressed air is present. This creates oil and water discharge that is not usable and should be eliminated. Some other oil compounds also use oil for lubrication and can still get combined with the condensate that passes through the air line.  Oil waste should be disposed of properly to avoid contamination of output air used in various compressed air applications and to avoid getting mixed with water which has a different method of disposal. This is effectively eliminated using oil water filter separators. Oil water filter separators are a primary requirement in compressed air operations to successfully sort waste oil and waste water and dispose it off properly.

As A Water Filter

More common in compressed air filters, water filters are used to trap moisture as a water waste from reaching the air tools. Water can promote corrosion on parts and accessories specially the air tools that are susceptible to wear and tear. Oil water filter separators filters dew in the compressed air and collects until big droplets are formed and will pass on a separation chamber to the drain valve.  Without compressed air water oil filters, undesirable results happen.