Treating the Compressed Air System The Right Way

Compressed air system is not easy to manage and is often difficult to maintain. In large industrial workshops, it is essential to dehumidify the compressed air to make sure that moisture, dirt and oil is not present as the system in operation. This process is called compressed air treatment. Air treatment includes the use of oil water separators in the following processes:

Air Dry

Keeping the air dry during operation guarantees no air tool failure due to dirt buildup because of unfiltered moisture. Applications such as metal cutting and spray painting raises the temperature where condensation happens. With the right air dryer filter, the volume of water from the air is lowered, ensuring that the air is dry all throughout the compressed air application.

Filtering Contaminates

Contamination from the air in compressors are present right from the source and even inside the compressor. These contaminate particles travel at a high speed and can penetrate the air tools without oil water filter separators in place. As a result, tool quality and life greatly decreases as well as the quality of work degrades. Using oil water filter separators in the system prevents these inconveniences and additional costs for replacements.