Advantage of Grill Stone Block Over Dry Wire Brush

While barbecue time is fun, cleaning the grill grates is exactly the opposite. Thick grime on grills can contain millions of bacteria that can transfer on the food being cooked which can cause food poison and bring levels of toxin the body. This is why it is advisable to clean the grills after each use and set a deep cleaning schedule in a year to prolong grill life and ensure that food always taste great.

In cleaning grills, the below two (2) cleaning materials are always compared:

Metal or Dry Wire Brush

Metal brushes or wire bristles when used to clean grill grates can cause the bristles to break due to friction when cleaning. These small bristles can get to the food and swallowed which can cause problems when ingested. The tiny bristles are hard wire material that can easily  damage the mouth, throat, stomach and intestines causing internal bleeding. Not only that, metals have an effect when taken inside the body. Other metal brushes or cast iron creates screeching sound which is very unpleasant to the ears and teeth. It also creates metal particles from constant brushing which can also easily be transferred on food.

Grill Stone Block Cleaner

One of the environmental-friendly methods of cleaning the grills is by using grill stone block cleaner. It is like a pumice stone that can easily scrape off food build up on grill grates without leaving any trace. It has the same concept as the pumice stone that has no negative effect on the environment as it is non-toxic, free from chemicals and can be disposed easily. It has the below advantages compared to metal brushes:

  • No metal bristles left behind.
  • Blends well with the environment, reducing the levels of metal contamination when disposed.
  • Conforms with the shape of the grill grates so every part is brushed off completely.
  • Affordable grill stone block cleaner.
  • Can be stored and disposed easily.