Considerations On Compressed Air Pressure Regulators

Air compressors are used in most industries since the 19th century. It is first introduced in railways for air brakes. Compressed air is also used to run trains which can pipe the trains for long distances compared to steam engine. This outstanding performance of compressed air has proved to be very effective and cost-efficient and compressed air system has slowly evolved up until it has penetrated almost all industries in this millenia.

With the many applications of compressed air, it is only effective when managed properly. Proper compressed air components will help operate compressed air systems safe and sound. Compressed air regulators is a good example of air unit that efficiently provides control over the system. Dealing with compressors need to have knowledge on pressure readings and control.

When working with compressed air regulator, here are a few considerations to know:

  1. When trying to reduce air pressure of more than 150 PSI, standard compressed air regulators should not be used. Shop air, for example,  provides very high air pressure. Multiple air regulators on every airline should be installed to protect the entire system.
  2. Always use proper protective materials and gear when working with compressed air system and observe safety procedures including proper use of compressed air regulators.
  3. Make sure to have a knowledge on how compressed air works and its nature before operating any air tool or doing a maintenance or repair on your airline. Compressed air regulators specifications should be regarded at all times to avoid misconfigurations.