The Purpose of Compressed Air Pressure Regulators

Compressed air regulators matches the incoming air to the required air flow of the next component in the system. It helps regulate the airflow especially when precise output is needed. Every air tool like spray guns, plasma cutters, inflators and other tools have compressed air regulators attached to the airline prior to it.

Few operations that rely on compressed air regulators are the following:

Tire Inflation

Compressed air regulators are required when inflating vehicle tires. Different vehicles require varying air pressure specifications. Tires that are overly inflated can blow up while under inflated tires like flat tires can not support the entire vehicle. Both conditions have a high impact on lives when vehicles are moving.

Spray Painting

Over sprays on auto body, wall, wood and other surfaces are results of poorly managed air flow. To control over sprays, air regulators are installed right before the air tool to adjust the spray volume and intensity. Properly regulated air provides consistent paint spray volume.

Metal Cutting

When working with metal cutting, precision is key. This same logic applies with compressed air.  When compressed air powers plasma cutters, air regulators are the key. Air regulators help keep a stable cutting power of the air cutters that is used mainly in fabrications.


Sandblasting and air blowers highly-depend on compressed air systems. If the compressed air is not regulated, hazards may occur. Compressed air can be deadly when not managed and used the right way.