What Are Compressed Air Pressure Regulators?

Compressors generate large volume of compressed air that passes through the air line towards the air tools. This holds true in pneumatic air systems where air is the main power source to run and operate valves, controllers and other components of compressed air systems.  The primary challenge in this is that air pressure varies from the source and as it passes through every component in the system where air pressure can either increase or decrease.

To overcome the above problem, air pressure regulators are developed to help manage compressed air. A compressed air regulator is a small unit that gives you the ability to control the flow of air inside the compressed air system. The air pressure regulator normally has a built in pressure gauge of either digital or analog, a control valve and 2 air inlets for the incoming and outgoing air flow. Compressed Air Regulators are commonly used in automotive industry, commercial, industrial and other DIY applications. Without air pressure regulators, accuracy of operation and safety of the operator is put to risk. Compressed air is very damaging when accidentally applied to a surface and is very harmful to the person working in and around it. Uncontrolled air pressure can also cause pressure build up that can blow up your system and put a dent on your bank account for replacements and repairs.