Precautions in Using Compressed Air Blowguns

Using air blowguns is quite easy. You just aim the blowgun to a surface you wish to clean and pull the trigger. But that is all you see in the surface. What lies behind the concept of compressed air blowgun should be learned to avoid hazards that might take place during wrong placements and usage of compressed air blowguns.

Compressed air can be fun to use but very harmful when not used the right way. When using air blowguns, you have to take note of the following precautions:

Do not blow on skin – Aeroembolism is one of the health conditions where compressed air enters the skin and penetrates the blood stream. Bubbles of air blocks the blood flow and can result to fatal conditions like that of a heart attack or stroke. This thing can happen when operators using air blowguns use it to clean the clothes during and after work, and even cleaning their arms and skin. Lack of knowledge on the precautions and safety procedures in using air blowguns can put the operators at risk. Workshop management should train them on how to use it to prevent harm.

Wear ear hearing protectors – Using compressed air creates high and loud noise frequencies that can damage the hearing. When working on air blowguns, wearing hearing protectors like soundproof headphones will save  damage on the ears. This also applies to people working in the surrounding areas of the workshop.

Wear eye goggles – Compressed air is very destructive and the eyes are not safe either. Direct air blow on eyes can damage the eyes instantly and dust particles during cleaning can also penetrate the eyes and cause permanent damage. Always put eye protectors inside the workshop especially when working with compressed air and air tools like air blowguns.