Air Compressor Regulator Filter Benefits

Every compressed air applications vary its settings and may not require same air pressure as the other applications. A regular air compressor supplies about 150 PSI or higher which is not what other air applications need. An air compressor regulator filter is ideal to control the air flow to the level required by the air tool to function well and accurate.

Control Air Flow

Air compressor regulator filter is designed to lower the downstream air flow of compressed air from the compressor. You can install multiple air compressor regulators down the line depending on what air pressure you need. The air compressor comes with a pressure gauge to quickly set and determine the air flow coming through a section of the line. Setting the air pressure according to your desired output will lessen the chance of fluctuations as long as the air compressor regulator is in a normal condition.

Control Contamination

Each air compressor regulator filter comes with a filter. It acts as a contamination control unit by preventing dirt, particles, moisture and oil from exiting the regulator and traversing the air lines. Dirty and moist air is never a good thing when working with compressed air systems as this can cause multiple issues on air tools and accessories. Clean and moisture-free air is required when running compressed air to ensure safety and quality operations.

Control Quality Output

The reason why you are using compressed air is to ensure the quality of work you aim to achieve. But it will be worthless if it is not controlled and filtered. With Lematec Air Compressor Regulator Filter, no more uncontrolled air flow and dirty, moisted and unfiltered compressed air.