Collect and Blow Air Vacuum Blow Gun

Different types of cleaning equipments slowly emerge and taking the place of regular dusters and broom. One of the best technologies ever developed that speeds up most cleaning work are the air vacuum blow guns. It is an industrial-type of cleaning tool that has the capacity to vacuum dirt and small waste materials and blow them away too. The ideal air vacuum blow gun has these both features to make the most of your investment and time.

An air vacuum blow gun can:

Blow Away Stubborn and Trapped Dirt for Vacuum

Air vacuum blow guns use compressed air to operate. The pressurized air, as long as regulated, is good enough to blow trapped dirt inside electronics, machines and other equipment. The high volume of air can also penetrate dirty corners of the workshop and home. This is a great tool and an option for brush that has no ability to remove and reach the deepest areas of the dirty surface.

Vacuum and Collect Dirt

After all dirt are blown and lifted up underneath hard to reach areas, it can be freely collected by setting the air vacuum blow gun to its vacuum power. Using the right nozzle with brush tip, it transforms automatically into an effective duster and vacuum machine in one. A dust bag is another cool feature that air vacuum blow gun is designed to keep all dirt in one place for easy disposal.

The air vacuum blow gun one of the ingenious tool ever developed. It is perfect to use in various workshop environments and most units like the Lematec Air Vacuum Blow Gun is compact, lightweight and portable. It does the job right, no questions asked!