How To Choose The Right Air Vacuum Blow Gun

Industrial, automotive, manufacturing and commercial settings are expected to have a great amount of dirt and small material accumulation that might take time and effort to clean. A broom or brush can gather all dirt together but in a busy work environment, this is really an inconvenience.

Air vacuum blow gun is becoming a trend in most industries with its ability to vacuum dirt and air blow as well. It is a low-cost alternative when it comes to cleaning and very easy to use. No complicated assembly and installation required. Given the advantages of having an air vacuum blow gun, the struggle in finding the right unit is surely the challenge. You would want to buy the latest in the industry, affordable and does the job perfectly. Here are some good qualities in choosing the right air vacuum blow gun for your use:

  1. Different NozzlesAir vacuum blow gun is intended to cleanup most dirt of different nature and sizes. It is often used in electronics, woodworking, DIY and other large scale industries like manufacturing, assemblies and automotive. Every air vacuum blow gun unit should come with different nozzles with different purpose. A brush, flat tube, tiny tube and extension tubes to extend the reach.

  1. With Dust Bag – Yes, dust bag! Air vacuum blow guns are more convenient to use when you have something to hold the litter, dirt and dust you have collected so it does not go anywhere and easy to dispose. Lematec air vacuum blow gun comes with a reusable and washable dust bag.
  1. Light and Portable – A perfect air vacuum blow gun should be portable and lightweight. Cleaning is already a burden and you don’t want to lift and carry heavy vacuum cleaner around your workshop.
  1. Can be a blow gun too – An ideal air vacuum blow gun should have the ability to blow air as well. It can be used to dry surfaces and materials and at the same time, gather all litter at one place.