Black Cumin Seed Oil – Tested Through Ages

Thousands of years back, people deal with physical pain and illnesses using natural remedies from herbs, plants and fruits of the earth. However, as age advances and not too long ago, pharma medicines started concurring the medical industry and influences how diseases are treated. All these synthetic drugs are produced and manufactured on a daily basis and sold to desperate sick individuals looking for cure. But, does this same scenario happen way back the old age when not a single tablet is produced and yet people are getting better have have longer lifespan compared to human lifespan in this generation? The answer is a solid, NO.

Natural remedies are a part of the medical history of the world and still in practice today. The black cumin seed oil is one of the natural cures that is used since the dawn of the ages. Black cumin is mentioned as far as the Bible ages and also one of the secret cures used in Egypt during the time of Tutankhamun and Queen Cleopatra. In fact, black cumin seed oil is placed inside the pharaoh’s tomb in the belief that he will carry the blessed seed oil to the next life.

The black cumin seed oil is also used in traditional Chinese and Arabic medicines. Aside from using it as the medicine, its health benefits is also enjoyed in food and cosmetics. Every bit of black cumin seed oil that is mixed in food intake and beauty or skin care brings the antioxidants and immune booster that the body needs.