Why Do You Need An Air Regulator for Air Compressor?

This thought must have crossed your mind when you are still a newbie on air compressors but why do you really need to use an air regulator for air compressors? Diving into the anatomy of air compressors will give answers. An air compressor is a unit that converts raw air to energy that help run air tools and machines. The air compressor draws air into a storage tank and sends it out as an output air in a pressurized form. The air is pushed into a smaller output air passage to create a high pressure air volume that creates a great force to move pistons on machines and cylinders. This is the very reason why pneumatics operate and work at high efficiency.

As much as high air pressure can move machines, it can also destroy anything that surrounds it if not controlled. It can damage air tools, air compressor accessories and machine parts resulting to unexpected replacements and affects the budget expenses. Aside from that, uncontrolled air pressure imposes a number of potential health risks. The only to prevent ugly things to happen is to use air regulators that acts as a control unit to maintain desired air input and output throughout the air line. Air regulators work as police that checks the flow of air inside the compressor tank and the air tools. Anything can happen inside the air tank and the air line and the way to make all operations secure is to use a reliable air regulator for air compressor. It can be a digital or analog air regulator.

Lematec air regulator comes in an analog form with big display gauge and control valve. It can be used to effectively achieve the desired air output for air tools for best results during paint spray, plasma cutting, sandblasting and more.