Best Compressor Air Filter for Your Air Tools

Moisture is present in almost any air conditions and temperature. It is very evident especially when humidity is present on hot temperatures. As temperature rises, more water volume is present in the air. This condition is not ideal when working around compressed air systems as it can greatly affect the condition of your machines, airline, and air tools. When air compressors produce air through compression, heat is produced which causes the air to condensate and carry a huge amount of water in the compressed air. The compressed air should undergo various treatments to remove moisture from the air such as air filter regulators, water filters and water traps. For the driest air possible, desiccant air dryers are used as silica gel is well-known to be a great absorber of moisture, leaving surfaces and areas without any trace of water vapor.

Spray painting is one of the common applications of compressed air. It requires precision and equal distribution of air. Aside from air regulators, air filters make it possible for operators to achieve quality work. The best compressor air filter for your air tools should have the ability to remove even the smallest trace of water particles from the inline air and has the capacity to filter water even at the lowest dew-point conditions. In any given circumstances, most professionals and DIY hobbyists use desiccant air dryers in addition to their air filters to ensure dry air for end use.

The Lematec ZN312-D-2 is specifically designed for upstream use where you can conveniently attach it next to your air tool to serve as the last air drying agent for end use. It comes with a transparent casing that holds Silica Gel beads, ultimately known to be a super water-absorbent, as the desiccant material. Once the beads turn pink, it is time to replace it. And yes, it is fully replaceable without any complicated setups and installations. It acts as a final water trap to prevent moisture from coming to your air tools and obtain the best output for your projects.