Things to Know About Air Compressor Desiccant Dryer

Desiccants have a wide array of use. From food grade desiccants to those used in commercial and industrial products. Desiccants such as Silica Gel is widely used as a drying agent that absorbs water, oil, and moisture from the atmosphere and surfaces. This is what made it very useful in pneumatic applications when it is highly dependent on pure and clean air that is 100% dry. 

Inline desiccant dryer filter, also known as “point-of-use” air filter is commonly used in compressed air applications such as spray painting, sandblasting and other applications that require a steady stream of extremely dry air. It is attached next to the air tool to prevent particulates and water to get to the tool that may affect the performance of the tool and the outcome of the project or application.

There are several types of inline filters, but aside from portability and flexibility, compressed air desiccant filters offer the convenience of replacing the unit once it is already consumed.  Here are some pointers to know about air compressor desiccant dryer:

    1. Controls humidity – The primary role of desiccants is to collect moisture in humid air conditions. When used in compressed air systems, inline desiccant dryers actively absorbs water vapors inside the airline. Water vapor is likely to occur when air is compressed where humidity can increase due to a higher temperature during this process. Condensate air from air compressors initially contains dirt, moisture, and other air impurities. The desiccant air dryer helps to remove existing dew from the humid air.
    2. Ensures clean upstream air towards your air tools – Desiccant air filters, as attached next to air tools, serves as a  blocker to prevent dew, water, and other particulates from reaching the tools and machines. Unfiltered air produces hazard and damage to the surface being worked on.
    3. Keeps air tools protected – When you start working with compressed air, you may have a few considerations on the type of air tools, particularly the brand and model. You may go for the products that are well-known in the market for durability and accuracy. However, none of these products would matter if the compressed air you are using is not clean and dry. Without desiccant air filters, dirty and damp air traverses the airline at high pressure. These air impurities can damage the insides of the airline, air compressor accessories, and tools which will lead to early wear and tear.
    4. Desiccant air dryers are replaceable –  Unlike other inline filters, desiccant air dryers for air compressors are replaceable. Ubiquitous Lematec Compressed Desiccant Air Filter has a clear casing where the Silica gels are visible to help monitor if the filter needs changing. Once the blue Silica gels turn pink, you’ll know it is time for a replacement.

It is important to note that when buying an air filter, you have to know the purpose and your desired application. Compressed air has to be clean and free from any impurities to prevent damage on the air tools, machines, accessories and the rest of the pneumatic or compressed air system.