Qualities of an Ultimate Digital Pressure Gauge

There are certain air pressure gauges for compressed air system but only a few units provide the best performance that every air tool operator is looking for. When choosing the right inline pressure gauge, there are criteria that needs to be met so the right air compressor regulator should be used according to its purpose.

When it comes to common compressed air applications like spray painting, sandblasting, plasma cutting and other air tool operations, an inline digital pressure gauge is best recommended. It provides high accuracy and precise airflow control from downstream to upstream operations. The Lematec DAR02B Digital Pressure Gauge is one of the best digital air pressure regulators that provides high efficiency air control. As a quality air regulator, the display should provide clear and concise aire pressure reading. This unit has big LCD display with auto shut-off mechanism to save battery life. An On/Off and Reset button can quickly operate the digital air pressure gauge and it gives utmost convenience to the operator.

One of the most important traits of a quality air pressure gauge is its universal design. You would not want to purchase a unit that does not fit your current compressed air setup. DAR02B has a universal ¼” fitting for air inlets so you can match it with any air tools and airline settings. Other pressure gauges are not compatible with other makes and models and only requires the operator to buy a digital air compressor regulator of the same brand. This not cost-efficient at all and you will end up with limited choices of some of the best universal and quality digital air pressure regulator in the industry today. This also operates at a standard Operating Pressure of 90 PSI and up to 160 PSI. These are among the good qualities of a perfect pressure gauge.