Advantage of DAR06E-1 Air Compressor Regulator

Compressed air is one of the most expensive forms of energy that powers up air tools used for a variety of applications in different industries today. Due to its high cost, every industry always find the best strategy to conserve compressed air consumption. An air compressor regulator is a powerful compressed air accessory that works wonders in every compressed air system.

The Lematec DAR06E-1 Digital Air Compressor Regulator offers a huge cost-saving advantage as it helps to save materials and produces less overspray. Efficiently regulate air flow by reducing the pressure of shop air being distributed throughout the airline using this digital air pressure gauge. It comes with a digital LCD display with a back-lit feature for easy reading and monitoring. The pressure valve offers a good grip for regulating the airflow convenient and quick. This air compressor regulator offers top precision and with its tough assembly, it can surely withstand any work environments!

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